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About Acona Flow Technology

Acona Flow Technology is a specialized competence center for advanced flow modelling and process control. With extensive academic background and broad industrial experience, our specialists serve a wide range of industries.

Key facts:
  • 13 world class specialist
  • 20 yrs of industrial experience in average
  • Capacity of more than 100 Blowout Contingency Plans pr year
  • Advanced modelling of thermal, wind, aerodynamics, fire and explosions
  • Delivers flow assurance and process simulations and support
  • Provide simulation services based on state-of-the-art tools and models
  • Offer in-depth understanding and analytical approach o complex flow phenomena
  • Serve various industries worldwide, and transfer konw-how across industries

Our services

Acona Flow Technology AS provides simulations and advisory servies to the oil and gas industry within the following areas:
Blowout contingency planning
Risk management and contingency documentation through advanced simulations and operational insight. Simulation services, advisory services, risk management and peer review services.

Wellkill planning and well control advisory
Transient kill simulations as mandatory documentation of kill capability and to assist well engineering teams.

Emergency response teams
IWCF certified teams available to assist planning, preparation and execution of wellkill operations worldwide.

Flow assurance teams
Skilled seniors with long industrial training available for detailed flow assurance studies related to well and flowline hydraulics, thermal performance, production chemistry or metallurgy. Complete design-basis engineering studies can be delivered.

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Advanced CFD experts are available for in-depth analysis of process related flow phenomena and their interaction with structure. Wind, gas, explosion, spill, separation, settling, erosion, insulation, combustion and radiation are some of many areas to be covered with CFD.


Since 2006 Acona has built a unique team of experts within flow modelling and simulations services.
We have the capability and the ambition to contribute to increased operational safety, minimization of risks and increased profitability for our clients. Since our inception, we have successfully delivered more than 600 projects for more than 100 clients wtihin flow technology. Our analyses span from specialised medical equipment to large industrial risk assessments.
We have
  • certified personnel trained for Well Control Assistance
  • successfully delivered more than 250 Blowout Contingency Plans worldwide
  • a unique software portfolio
  • High Performance Clusters that ensures efficient and reliable simulations with short computational time, even for large and complex CFD projects
  • secured important frame agreements with major operators, that document our quality.

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Trygve Rinde, MSc, MBA


Tel. (+47) 991 52 389


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TEL. +47 52 97 76 00
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