Logistikkoordinatorer (boreoperasjonsteam Oslo)


På vegne av en av våre kunder er vi på jakt etter Logistikkoordinatorer.

Start-up: September 2019
Duration: End of 2020 - with possible extension 
Location: Stavanger/ Oslo



  • Minimum 5 years experience of material handling and/or logistics within the oil industry. 
  • Knowledge of Norwegian Rules and Regulations.  

Personal qualities:

  • Ability to quickly grasp an operational problem and propose a practical solution.  
  • Good command of the English language.  
  • Ability to work in a small team combined with capability to communicate. 
  • Setting of priorities and ability to meet deadlines. 
  • Ability to perform under pressure

Responsibilities and work tasks:

  • To arrange transport of personnel and equipment. 
  • To arrange for the receipt, handling, storage, maintenance and transport of all Clients and contractor provided materials, including loading and unloading of supply vessels.
  • To check and verify time sheets prepared by the Supply Base Company. 
  • To arrange for inspection and repair of all material and equipment returned from the drilling rig in accordance with the instructions provided by the Senior Well Supervisor. 
  • To ensure that all movement of bonded materials is reported timely and accurately to the Customs Office. 
  • To keep an accurate record of all material movements to/from the drilling rig, including also rental equipment. 
  • To ensure that delivery of bulk materials is arranged for and that an accurate record of delivered quantities is obtained. 
  • To ensure that personnel handling materials at the shore base are trained and qualified for their work. 
  • To supervise all material handling at the supply base including loading and offloading of supply vessels.  
  • To ensure that all lifting equipment is certified according to the companys requirements. 
  • To ensure that all chemicals and hazardous materials are packed labelled and handled according to the companys requirements and Norwegian law. 
  • To perform helicopter booking of company and contractor personnel and ensure that they are in possession of valid survival training and health certificate prior to departure. 
  • To ensure that security checks of personnel and cargo have been performed in accordance with the company's requirements before departure and upon departure and arrival of helicopters, update the Personnel Onboard System. 
  • To maintain an accurate log of all helicopter flights including departure/ arrival times. 
  • To ensure that the rental and subletting of spare helicopter capacity is recorded and to prepare back-up documentation for invoicing the operators. 
  • To ensure that the Client and the companys Safety Principles are adhered to and actively strive to Promote and improve the safety awareness of all staff. 

Contact information

Tore Fahle
Manager Consultancy Services
M: +47 908 77 522
T: +47 52 97 76 00


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