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Acona delivers all mandatory environmental studies and HSSEQ services for E&P activities as well as a wide range of consultancy services. Our environmental advisors have extensive academic backgrounds ranging from marine biology, ecotoxicology and chemistry to geology and marine engineering.

Together we safeguard the operators throughout planning, execution and decommissioning activities. Acona assist clients in keeping control of their safety and working environment systems. We provide reviews and upgrades of management systems, plan for field measurements and verifications and help finding solutions where these are needed.


Acona has been a leading provider of environmental consultancy services to the Norwegian oil and gas industry for more than 10 years.
The scientific background and the experience of our advisors ensure services that are prepared with the best available environmental data and tools,  founded on a profound understanding of the marine environment and balanced between development of petroleum resources and environmental protection.

Environmental studies:
Oil Drift Simulations
Environmental Risk Analysis
Oil Spill Contingency Analysis
Coral and sponge risk assessment
Impact Assessments
Fishery studies and assessments

Environmental applications and reporting:
Applications to the Norwegian Environment Agency
Chemical evaluations and preparation of substitution plans
Reporting of emission to air and discharge to water
Environmental input to the Revised National Budget (RNB)

Oil spill contingency and response:
Oil spill contingency plans
Remote sensing plans
On-duty environmental advisors for operators emergency response organizations

Environmental audits and consultancy:
Environmental coordination of exploration drilling and field development
Management systems
Industrial measurement programs
Environmental audits


Julie Damsgaard Jensen
Manager, Environmental & HSEQ Services

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