IKM Acona’s Well Management and Engineering Team provides services and expertise to E&P clients. We can perform full Well Management, Integrated Well Management, Alliance model, or personnel support. Our experienced teams have drilled 65 wells under the full well management model and been involved in another 100 using different models of well management.

We manage activities from well prospects through planning, applications, procurement, operation and reporting. We have experience from most types of reservoirs, onshore and offshore operations, different types of rigs, HPHT, horizontal and deep-water wells.

We have planned and drilled 11 wells in the environmental sensitive Barents Sea. We have access to all necessary software used to design and operate wells, including blowout and kill simulations. Our comprehensive portfolio of subcontractors ensures a competitive, competent and strong team.

Our Well Engineering Services include: third party independent engineering review, incident investigation, well examination, risk assessments, HAZOP, well location, well design, well integrity, contracting, standard well engineering, construction, testing and well optimization services.

Mastering the technologies required in the exploitation of petroleum resources is a key to success in Exploration and Production activities

Well Management

Offshore drilling is our core business. With several hundred well engineers and wellsite supervisors and a 265 -well track record of high-quality results, IKM Acona is equipped to deliver safe, efficient well work for oil company clients.

IKM Acona group offers a full design-and-drill service for oil and gas wells. This capability is built on high-quality personnel, hands-on experience and proven management systems. IKM Acona rig teams work in “bolt-on” mode under the client corporate identity, integrating seamlessly with client management systems.

Our teams manage all phases of well work from planning and regulatory interface through contracts and procurement to offshore operations, reporting and recap.

Rig Audits

Our experienced team provide third party independent rig  auditing services.  We can assist our clients with:
  • Pre contract - verification and assessment of capability, compliance, AoC and competence
  • After contract - audit, inspection, and verification before start up
  • New rig and upgrades - People, plant and Process Integrated Acceptance Test (IAT)
  • Follow up – periodic (biannual) audit of drilling contractor and rig reliability and performance.
  • Rig Intake services - in-house, multi-disciplinary teams with developed experience and protocols.
  • Tailored Rig audits 

Drill or Drop Evaluation

IKM Acona's Evaluation Team is experienced in doing the technical evaluation for a Drill or Drop decision. The team can evaluate:
  • Production profiles, drainage strategy, number of wells
  • Well & completion cost subsea or dry wells
  • Subsea lay-out & cost
  • Tie-back to given host with topside modification costs
  • Stand-alone floating or fixed solution with costs
  • Cost (Capex & Opex) from the IKM Acona ACES software
  • NPV before tax as a guidance to client

Geological & Exploration Support

IKM Acona can support oil companies in evaluation of exploration provinces looking at regional exploration risk factors, exploration provinces and qualitative evaluation of provinces. Furhter we can assist with prospect work related to reservoir and data quality, geological complexity and related matters. Geomechanics including pore pressure estimation, geomechanical risks and reservoir failure analysis is examples of services provided på IKM Acona and partners.

Estimating and Auditing Reserves

Estimates of reserves information are made by, or for entities as a part of the ongoing business practices. Such reserves information typically may include, estimates of (i) the reserves quantities, (ii) the future producing rates from such reserves, (iii) the future net revenue from such reserves, and (iv) the present value of such future net revenue. IKM Acona can assist in the technical and commercial aspects of estimating, or auditing reserves.

Improved Value Assessment

IKM Acona assist clients  in assessing the value of an asset, identify opportunities for improvement and manage the risks factors during the lifecycle.
Our team of experts is drilled in assessing the technical and commercial aspects, the risks and opportunities and the strategic and managerial components.


Jan Strand
Manager, Well Management & Engineering