Acona Best Master Student Awards

Acona honors top MSc Petroleum students at the University of Stavanger
Acona Best Master Student Awards
Acona has entered into an agreement with the University of Stavanger where a total of five prizes will be awarded during the two-year master program for Drilling and Well Engineering, Petroleum Geosciences Engineering, Reservoir Engineering and Natural Gas Engineering. The first four prizes will be awarded after the first year and consists of a total of NOK 40,000. The final award, of NOK 25,000, will be awarded after submission of the master thesis.

The evaluation criteria will be based on academic results, candidates’ initiative for the studies, innovation, creativity and quality within the petroleum area, as well as a one-page essay describing how the master thesis has contributed to developing the petroleum sector in a more cost effective and /or safe manner. ​The candidates will be ranked and selected by representatives from the Department of Energy resources (IER) and the Department of Energy and Petroleum Engineering (IEP) in collaboration with Acona management.

CEO in Acona, Stig Hognestad, says “It’s important to value the best students within petroleum studies. This is a long-term business that will continue recruit the best and the most hardworking people for many years to come. Acona would like to contribute by rewarding hard work and effort“

Read more about the initiative here: https://www.uis.no/om-uis/nyheter-og-presserom/skal-dele-ut-prisar-til-toppstudentar-i-petroleumsfag-article132700-8108.html