IKM Acona Best Master Thesis Award

IKM Acona honors the best Master Thesis at the department of Energy and petroleum engineering at the University of Stavanger
IKM Acona Best Master Thesis Award
The Award winner Racha Moubarak and CEO Stig Hognestad
IKM Acona presented the award at the University of Stavanger, to honor the best Master Thesis within Energy and petroluem resources.
IKM Acona has an agreement with the University of Stavanger where a total of five prizes will be awarded during the two-year master program for Drilling and Well Engineering, Petroleum Geosciences Engineering, Reservoir Engineering and Natural Gas Engineering. The award is intended to stimulate good academic work.
The winner of the IKM Acona best MSc award 2021 (and NOK 25 000) was: Racha Moubarak

She has achieved outstanding grades and completed a Master thesis that reflects good understanding and provides a valuable framework assisting the E&P companies developing an optimal portfolios for a complex and uncertain energy transition. She has shown great creativity and innovation in her research. She has also been active in the SPE student section at UiS.

See also link to UiS here: https://www.uis.no/en/energy/top-students-win-industry-awards