Successful start of the Alliance between Spirit Energy and Acona

The new alliance model between Acona and Spirit Energy works very well. "This is the way we will work for the future," says CEO Stig Hognestad in Acona.
Successful start of the Alliance between Spirit Energy and Acona
In May 2017, Acona was awarded a contract by Spirit Energy as an alliance partner for planning and execution of drilling operations. This entails that Acona will be supplying resources and expertise related to the execution of Spirit Energy's activities on the NCS in the next few years.

Acona is part of an alliance led by Spirit Energy, where other key suppliers are also represented. The Alliance model involves close cooperation where the parties together develop common goals for the individual project, with an overall goal of controlled and effective operations through increased interaction and unified goals.

Now we are nine months into the agreement and Acona already has 40 specialists well integrated into Spirit Energy's organization in Stavanger and offshore.

"Our experience with the alliance model is good. 2018 will be a busy year for Spirit Energy, where we are, among other things, operator for five drilling campaigns. Then we need good people, says Olav Log, Director Well Operations in Spirit Energy.

CEO of Acona, Stig Hognestad, can tell that he follows this agreement closely, as it is important to Acona and helps define the way we will work in the future.

"If done right, the model should increase the possibility of successful projects with better results for all parties," says Hognestad.