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Environmental & HSEQ Services
Acona provides all mandatory environmental studies and HSEQ services for E&P activities as well as a wide range of consultancy services. Our environmental advisors have extensive academic backgrounds ranging from marine biology, ecotoxicology and chemistry to geology and marine engineering.
Together we safeguard the operators throughout planning, execution and decommissioning activities.
Acona assist clients in keeping control of their safety and working environment systems. We provide reviews and upgrades of management systems, plan for field measurements and verifications, and we help find solutions.

Opportunity Assessments
Acona can provide an experienced, multidiscipline evaluation team for technical and economical evaluation of prospects for concession rounds and APA, Drill or Drop decisions, Farm-In / Out and acquisitions.

Regulatory Compliance
Acona has expertise in the Norwegian regulatory regime for the petroleum activities. The services include prequalification and management systems for license and operator status, HSE supervisory activities, writing applications, regulatory compliance plans for field development projects, and installation system requirements and regulatory training.

Your partner throughout the lifecycle of oil and gas projects

Technical & Economical Assessment

Acona can perform the total assessment based on G&G input or work integrated with client personnel. We can establish production profiles and identify feasible development solutions and perform pre-tax economics.  We can prepare, arrange, and systemize technical information / documentation as input for client decisions.
We provide our customers with a team with a holistic business understanding, who are used to, and drilled in, performing prospect evaluations. They have the capability to assess technology issues related to feasibility, do quick evaluation of possible development scenario with sensitivity options. Do assessment of infrastructure and export issues as part of technical solutions and value assessment. We also have In-house, well proven cost estimating tools.

Environmental Studies, Discharge Applications, Oil Spill Contingency and Response

Acona has more than ten years of experience in performing environmental analyses for the O&G industry. Our user-friendly reports give an instant overview of the environmental risk of the planned activity and provide a basis for oil spill contingency analysis and planning. Efficient deliveries and flexible project implementation ensure timely provision of input to the application to the Norwegian Environment Agency.
We can do oil spill contingency analysis and preparation of oil spill contingency plans.  On duty environmental advisors for 3rd level emergency response organizations for operators on the Norwegian sector.

Environmental Audits, Reporting, Licensing Round Support and Screening

Acona can perform Environmental audits, both off - and onshore. We can do daily and yearly reporting of emission to air and discharge to water. The environmental input to the Revised National budget. Single placement and general environmental consultancy and Impact assessments.
Acona’s user friendly environmental screening reports give an overview of all relevant environmental issues at an initial stage of the exploration phase. The report provides an early warning of potential environmental challenges and enable the licensee to address possible conflicts with third parties, initiate necessary studies, and conceivably reduce costs by preventing late changes and delayed operations.

Safety, Risk & Compliance

Acona provides professional support within safety, risk and compliance across several industries. We use best practice and a systematic approach to facilitate risk management processes for our clients. We have broad operational experience and expert professionals within all services.
Based on our clients’ needs, we apply a flexible delivery model – from one-on-one counseling through multi-discipline workshops to stand alone studies and reports. Our goal is to be the preferred discussion partner in questions regarding safety, risk and compliance.

HAZOP and Risk Assessment

Acona has facilitators and scribes for HAZOP and risk assessments. We provide process HAZOPs as well as facilitating HAZOPs and risk assessments for operations or on specific design issues. Our staff has broad industry experience and the ability to adapt the assessment technique to new topics.
Acona HSE advisors work across all technical disciplines and competence areas; from well management and field development to emergency preparedness and external environment. 

Investigation Services

Acona offers advisors with extensive experience in heading investigations. We apply best practices when it comes to investigation methods (e.g. the MTO method) and the way in which the investigations are performed. Incidents represent a learning potential, but it is crucial to ensure the quality of the investigation to maximise the learning. Acona believes in investigating all quality non-conformances and incidents, which represent significant learning potential for the organization –and not limit investigations only to accidents or personal injuries.

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