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Acona  provides first class drilling & subsurface professionals to our  E&P clients.
We develop and configure teams of expertise. Our personnel is experienced with most types of drilling conditions, reservoirs and challenging environments. Our personnel is skilled in subject matters, as well as interpersonal and cross cultural topics.

First class drilling and well service expertise to E&P clients

Well Maintenance and Interventions

Acona’s Well Management team can assist our clients to prepare, quality assure, assess risks and approve well maintenance and intervention assignments in accordance with the drainage strategy, reservoir development plan and applicable HSE and quality requirements. This work forms the basis for the planning and execution of qualified well actions required for reservoar management, production or well integrity issues.


Acona and partners provide consultancy and studies of EOR / IOR potential, reactivate mature fields and extending field life. We can do both detailed simulation studies based on eclipse, Petrel and other simulation models. Acona also offers special tertiary recovery evaluations combined with an offshore package for transport of chemicals ready for injection at host and communication piping from vessel to host to reach the injection points.

Operational Geology

In provision of geological support to the drilling operations, the main objective for our operational geologists is to ensure efficient and high quality acquisition, inter-pretation and distribution of well data. We provide skilled communicators, extensive experience, dedication and competitive price offers to make our clients confident that they have chosen the right company to do business with.

Production Technology

Acona and partners can provide clients with integrated and cost-effective solutions for completion design and production optimization. We can assist our clients with flow assurance and performance. We can do flow modelling and simulations using advanced mathematics to deliver operational results with clear recommendations. Well kill planning and well control is also part of our services.

Operations Services

Acona offers operations support during the complete lifecycle of a project.  We can support within Operational Geology, HSE, Pore Pressure Analysis, Wellbore instability Analysis, Hazards Identification and mitigation of risks, Operations petrophysics, Log Interpretation, well-test design and interpretation.

We also offer support to licence partners in reviewing and assessing the decisions and development proposals from the operator.

Portfolio Optimization

We can execute Due Diligence or verification studies for combination of both producing assets and assets in the execution phase. Further we have both subsurface, technical and commercial expertise to execute a full value assessment for combination of assets.

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